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Buy Infrared Thermometer, Handheld Thermometer, Temperature Sensor, Surface Temperature Probe, etc., with many innovative features!
About Us

Looking for reliable, hardy and unbeatable designs in Industrial Band Heater, Infrared Heater Module, Electrical Steam Generator, IR Heater, Infrared Thermometer and Handheld Thermometer? Then we, Secon Controls, can add value to your purchase experience as we deal in all these products. Huge discounts too are provided on the entire range, as we believe quality that comes at a low price makes the purchase experience even more exciting. We carry many options under our product range as we know that different buyers look for different factors in products like heaters and thermometers. Some prefer portable designs, smart colors while many others want easy readability, quick performance and other such traits. 

In all these years, we have expanded exponentially as we have successfully completed many orders of clients from all over India. Today, our innovative line of medical diagnostic, consumable, heating products, etc., is demanded by many reputed healthcare institutes, corporate organizations, educational institutions, and even by the general public. Our core aim as a client-centric manufacturer and supplier is to exceed expectations of everyone approaching us from these sectors.

Our Focus Areas

We continue to strive for innovation in all our practices via the following:

  • Integrating cutting edge manufacturing technology
  • Striking meaningful relations with the right industry partners
  • Keeping tabs on our client satisfaction/retention rate

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality: We have many products like Infrared Thermometer, IR Heater, Handheld Thermometer, etc., which are suitable for both commercial and home use. All these products are made at our own purpose-built plant relying on our progressive manufacturing techniques. We have a range of high-tech machines and devices at our plant that adds to our production comfort, product testing speed and consequently, our work excellence.
  • Manpower: A business that is recommended via word of mouth is often a business that delivers high service standards along with quality products. This is why our services are attuned to the exact needs of clients. Be it how we immediately respond to queries, help a prospective customer easily navigate through our solutions or keep proactively communicating with a client after order placement, we take pride in calling ourselves the best. This is all because we have the right team extending us the right support at all times.
  • Product Pricing: Price-Quality relationship is often misrepresented. Many believe that for buying quality-based products, one needs to pay extra or often pay exorbitantly. This mere assumption of price-quality correlation often leads a buyer on a budget give relative preference to a poor-quality product. However, we make sure even the most price conscious buyers get the best deals at our platform. We quote comparatively affordable prices considering the fact that our range is one of the  best available in the Indian market in terms of quality.
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